Crack a Master Lock Mathematically, Without a Shim

Apparently it is possible to reduce 64,000 possible Master Lock padlock combinations down to just 100. The entire process is clearly illustrated in the below how-to from Mark Edward Campos. For an enlarged version, click here.

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Looking for something a little more interactive? We have loads of lock-picking tutorial videos. Here's one that demonstrates the same method (math as opposed to shim) outlined in the above illustration.


The graphic is incorrect... the top group of numbers should have a 2 instead of a 0 as the first digit of the second row, and the second group of numbers should have a 3 instead of a 1 as the first digit of the second row

What about the third group? Shoudln't the 2nd digit on the 2nd line be a 4?
And the fourth group. Shouldn't the 2nd digit on the 2nd line be a 5?

How difficult is it to count by 4s? Quite difficult, I guess! :-)

I'm assuming the first digits in each row are correct. I don't know. Can the originator please straighten this out for us?

Are there any more?

can u like show me how to do that im goin to write long so u see it or u can write to me the instructions to open a lock see i have a lock and i tried all the steps but can't get it can u help me please need it really bad ok so for get these people who ever they are don't forget ok bye: send

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