How To: Pick a normal lock

Pick a normal lock

This video tutorial is for educational purposes only. See how to pick a normal lock with a tension allen wrench and a small screwdriver.

"Lock picking is the act of unlocking a lock by analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock device, without the original key. Although lock picking can be associated with criminal intent, it is an essential skill for a locksmith. Lock picking is the ideal way of opening a lock without the correct key, while not damaging the lock, allowing it to be rekeyed for later use, which is especially important with antique locks that would be impossible to replace if destructive entry methods are used. Usually it is possible to bypass a lock without picking it. Most common locks can be quickly and easily opened using a drill, bolt cutters, bump key, or a hydraulic jack. The hasp, door, or fixture they are attached to can be cut, broken, or otherwise removed. A lock that offers high resistance to picking does not necessarily make unauthorized access more difficult, but it will make surreptitious unauthorized access more difficult. They are often used in combination with alarms to provide layered security. Some people enjoy picking locks recreationally, because they find it brings high satisfaction and is an enjoyable way to pass the time; it also has hack value.

In the United States, laws concerning possession of lock picks vary from state to state. Generally, possession and use of lock picks is considered equivalent to the possession of a crowbar or any other tool that may or may not be used in a burglary. Illegal possession of lock picks is generally prosecuted as a felony under the category of possession of burglary tools or similar statutes." - from Wikipedia

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to pick a lock, but kids, don't go out and do it.

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thats cool

nice move man ;-)

well done very informative and nice diagrams
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you shouldn't

that look easy is it hard please write back

i don't think u should put this on people can use it for crime

nice work! i borrowed 100000$ from my boss office whahaha

bobmar even if this person took this video off there are hundreds of other videos on how to so why even bother...... great video man it was very in formative

Just because you said to rate 5 stars i gave you an F

great video man. how can i get picks like that at the end of the video?

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