How To: Pick multi-disk combination locks

Pick multi-disk combination locks

We may not all be Macgyver, but we can certainly channel our inner detective by bolstering our lock picking skills. And some of the hardest locks to crack open are combination locks, which have several disks are require advanced lockpicking skills.

This con tutorial will guide you through how to unlock the Master Lock 653D, Targus Defcon CL, and Master Lock 175. You will learn several different methods to pick these locks.

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nice vid guys i liked it i actually was able to open one of my friend's locks (the first lock you showed us how to open) easily

I tried your technique for the Defcon CL. It didn't seem to work. I put them all to 0. Made my tool form a coke can. It didn't go in very easily. In my case when it did go through it moved on the 0 so I but then it slid through all the way. 7777 did not work. It wouldn't go through at all unless it was on 0 but it goes through all the way. Could i be doing something wrong. Any other suggestions.

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