How To: Pick a door knob lock with a tension wrench &lock pick

Pick a door knob lock with a tension wrench &lock pick

Watch this video conning tutorial and learn how to pick a door lock. Maybe you locked yourself out of the house, or you're just a criminal trying to get in somewhere you don't belong. You will need a lock pick and a tension wrench. To make the lock pick in this video take a hacksaw blade and trace a lock pick onto the surface. Lock pick templates can be printed out all over the internet. Next grind it down to size either with a bench grinder or a dremel. To make a tension wrench take out the metal part of the windshield wiper and twist it with a pair of pliers until it's an L shape. Learn how to pick a lcok on a door by watching this instructional video.

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This.... Sounds highly illegal, if useful, though.

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