How To: Make and use a bump key to pick any lock

Make and use a bump key to pick any lock

A bump key is a method crooks use to pick locks. This idea is not new, professional theives have been using it for years, and now you can make your own.

In this tutorial, you will learn exactly what a bump key is and how you can make your own. You will be able to pick virtually any lock with this device.

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wtf? didt understand the makin of the key part.

nope , it kinda looks like you wouldnt

good video

I like it. Another great how to pick a lock video. I will be making a bump key this weekend.

all da sets of keys im lookin at have 2 legdes, whitch 1 do i cut down to?

will it damage the lock?

yes, fairly badly

if you do it wrong

but usually not if you do it right

It works!!! But I almost got arrested and had to pay a fine :(

a thing that if i ever NEED to know how-to- i'll be feeling just spiffy! classic McGuiver...

does this work on all lock that it fits into... i made one identical to his but it didnt work

where the pressure going... straight into hole or so its twisting....come on man gotta explain beta

how to pick with out bump key?

its great . thanx


Masterlock now has a Bump-Stop lock designed to stop lock bumping.

does this key work on car trunk locks?

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