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You want to feel safe in your own home? Good hinges and locks are the first step. With qualitatively good hinges and locks you make it more difficult for a burglar and the chance that he stops his attempt is great. Read here about the possibilities and prices of hinges and locks.

Costs of Hinges and Locks

There are many different locks and hinges. Do you want the best security? Then opt for hinges and locks with the SKG quality mark. This hinges and locks have been tested for strength and are burglar-resistant. Are you curious about the average prices of this hinges and locks? Then look in the price table below.

Type of hinges and locks Average price per piece (including VAT) Description
Window tree From € 55 A handle with which you lock your window.

Locking latch From € 55 A latching latch is used as accessory lock. Placing a latching latch makes it more difficult to enter through the window.

Combi expander From € 55 A combi-expander ensures that your window can only open a little bit.
Thief claw (per 3) From € 40 Secure outward opening windows and doors against burglary.
Safety hinge € 65 - € 75 A hinge and thief claw in one.

Multi-point lock From € 300 A multi-point lock is a lock with several locking points and therefore works as a burglary-retardant.

Safety requirements € 75 - € 115 Safety requirements protect your cylinder lock. There are no screws on the outside, making it difficult for the burglar to get to your cylinder lock.

Mortice locks € 100 - € 180 A mortise lock is recessed in the door, only the cylinder is visible.

Locks € 185 - € 215 A support lock is located on the inside of the door. This makes it difficult to open from the outside.

Note: This Price table is only for Netherlands Residents

Best Hinges and Locks?

Hanging work is the necessary material to attach the movable parts of your house, such as hinges for windows and doors. Closing is the material you need to close your windows and doors, such as locks and sliders. Why is this so important? Burglars like to enter as quickly as possible. With hinges and locks you create the perfect barricade for burglars. The longer it takes before the intruder is inside, the greater the chance that he will drop out prematurely.

Foundation for Quality Gevelbouw

Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw (SKG) is an independent foundation that tests hinges and locks for strength and durability. If the hinges and locks are approved, it is provided with stars:

1 star: standard burglary-proof
2 stars: heavy burglar-resistant
3 stars: extra heavy burglar-resistant

Hanging and latching with 1 star is not burglar-resistant, so there is still a lock with at least 1 star to secure windows and doors. Hinges and locks with 2 stars can be burglary-resistant for up to 3 minutes, while 3-star doors can be burglar-resistant for up to 5 minutes. Do you want the best burglary protection? Then choose SKG hinges and locks with 3 stars. Locks without the mark are not approved for strength and burglar resistance.

Hanging and Closing Windows

It is important to provide your windows with good locks and hinges. Always opt for hinges and locks with the SKG quality mark for the best locksmith near you. For the security of your windows you can choose from:

window tree
suspension latch
combi release
thieves claws
security hinge

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Window tree

Good hanging and closing work starts with window frames. Window frames are handles that you can lock your window with a cylinder or push button. By using lockable window frames your window is difficult to dislocate.

Window tree

Locking latch

With a support latch you can only close your window on one side. As a result, the storage latch is mainly used as an additional lock. Placing a latching latch makes it more difficult to enter through the window. If you choose a latching lock as part of your hinges and locks, look carefully if there is enough space to place the corresponding closing bowl, this is necessary to close the window. There are many different closing bowls, in case of little space, choose a small model.

Combi Expander

Combi-setters are mainly used for valve windows. You can open your window a little bit with a combi release. If the window is closed and you lock the combi stay out, it is no longer possible to open the window. Do you want your combi stay, part of your hinges and locks, to have the SKG quality mark? Then choose a combi-stay that is lockable with a key.

Thieves Claws

Thieves claws prevent your outward opening windows from being opened, for example when the hinge pins have been removed. Thieves claws are used for both windows and doors. Do you want to protect your house optimally with hinges and locks? Then place 1 thieves claw per hinge.

Safety Hinge

Do you have a new window in your house or are your hinges ready for replacement? Then choose safety hinges instead of thieves claws to support your hinges and locks. Safety hinges are hinges with thieves claws in them. Safety hinges are available in 2 standard sizes, 76 x 76 mm for windows and 89 x 89 mm for doors. Do you want the best security for your home? Always place 2 hinges in windows and 3 hinges in doors.

Door and Door Hinges

Of course you do not want your windows to be fitted with good locks and hinges and burglars will come in through your door. Therefore secure your doors securely with hinges and locks. There are various possibilities:

multi-point lock
safety requirements
mortise locks
Hanging and closing doors

Multi-Point Lock

Do you want good locks and hinges for your doors, but do not you want to lock 3 locks every time? Then choose a multi-point lock. A multi-point lock is mounted in your door, so you only see the keyhole. Multi-point locks are usually equipped with 3 point locks, but this number can even increase to 5. Closing is very easy with only one key.

Safety Requirements

Safety fittings protect your mortise lock and cylinder. The biggest advantage of safety fittings as part of your hinges and locks is that there are no screws on the outside, so burglars do not easily secure the security from the outside. Safety is also very thick, so the cylinder does not protrude. If a cylinder protrudes too far, it can be quickly and easily broken down.

Mortice Locks

A mortise lock is recessed in the door. If you opt for a mortise lock, you also need a cylinder and safety fittings to complete the closing work. A mortise lock alone is not enough to function independently as a good hanging and closing work.

Hanging and closing front door


A padlock serves as the main lock of your door. The lock is placed on the inside of your door and can be operated from inside with a tractor. If you choose a trailer lock, then it is good to see if the lock is SKG approved. But few brands have this lock with SKG quality mark, so ask your specialist if he works with this. Do you have a door with glass in it? Then choose a padlock with a key and not one with a knob, in connection with intrusion sensitivity. You can have hinges and locks of the best quality, but then burglars can easily enter. Do not forget to remove the key from the lock if you have locked the door.

Find the Most Economical Hinges and Locks Specialist

Would you like to have your hinges and locks replaced this year? Then call a specialist in your area. This checks your current hinges and locks and replaces this where necessary. So you no longer have to worry that intruders can easily enter. There are many specialists in hinges and locks and the prices vary per specialist. Therefore, always make multiple offers. Do you have to fill in a quotation form for each hang- and close specialist in your area before you can compare multiple quotations? No, you do not have to, that takes unnecessary time. Fill out our request for quotation and receive up to 6 quotes from specialists in your area within 2 working days in one go.Requesting quotations costs only 2 minutes and is free and completely free of obligation. By comparing different offers you get the best price above water and you save up to 40% on your hinges and locks.

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