Forum Thread: Drug Rehabs for Specific Populations

The problem of substance abuse is one of the biggest in the nowadays' world. We face addicts every day: we work with them, we live with them, we go to the swimming pool with them. Still, many people cannot find a suitable treatment to recover from addiction and free from the chains of deadly habit. That is why the addiction treatment programs should meet the needs of various social groups. As described at AddictionResource (, people are different, thus, they need different approaches used in their rehabilitation programs. It's obvious that there are gender differences between cases and effects of alcoholism. Also, people of different age abuse different substances, and people of different religion have different beliefs on addiction and how to heal it.

That is why a great variety of rehabs which target specific groups is crucial for the longstanding positive effects and improved emotional state of an addict.

What do you think about only-men rehabs, rehabs for the LGBT community, or Jewish rehabs? Are they effective?

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